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Saturday, April 2, 2011

WTF With Comcast? And Obama?

Where I lived before, Comcast told me that the wires in the walls were so old and hadn't been upgraded that that is why my TV picture froze. Now I'm in a very new building with new wiring and it still freezes every couple of minutes and I keep losing transmission. It's a new TV. I pay 85 bucks a month for this. I have to call and bitch again. Is there no accountability anymore? This issue came up in a thread about Obama on iBrattleboro. Obama promised he'd change things but the change hasn't happened. I like the guy. I worry about him. But he hasn't done what he said he'd do. Why? Ask him. Email the White House. I am, tomorrow. I think we've had more than enough. Maybe they want us to revolt; that's how we're being treated. Long ago, I figured that if a guy treated you like crap he wanted to break up with you but didn't have the guts so you should dump him. I'm feeling the same about Comcast and Obama. Why stay with liars who don't carry thru with promises?

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