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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April in New England

The rain, when it came, was truly Springlike. The skies moped all afternoon, only resolving to half-empty the clouds at the end of the day. It went up to nearly 80'F here yesterday afternoon, and the weather forecasters are saying it may snow again this week as temps plummet. This morning is warm and humid, what my Mother called, "Close". I have windows open. Ah well, that's Spring here, two or even three seasons in a day or two. The Snow Queen's last hurrahs until Fall. But the unmistakeable smell is here to stay- that earthy, almost geranium smell of the earth softening and becoming fertile. Comforting, sensual, a harbinger of delights to come. Birds are calling up the sun, rabbits and chipmunks run across my front garden. I love the Spring. And early mornings quiet...

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