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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Days Go By

Days do go by, especially when it's busy, and it is. Things keep happening, things need doing. I'm in better shape than I've been in years but I tend to go til I drop lately. It's fine, ya have to push yourself to gain (I still remember my training days); it's just that there aren't enough hours in a day to unpack, do my side projects, talk on the phone, get things done, blog and work on my book. And they're all equally important to me. I want to do it all!

So until at least next Wednesday (why the hell it's not called Woden's Day I don't know- that's what it is!) I'll be short blogging. Then I'll have a boatload of stuff to say. I've already got a back order list- Obama, the freedom struggles, the US Congress, Donald Ass Trump, the relaxing of environmental rules... oh there's no end of topics, there's just too little time!

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