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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Universal Healthcare in Vermont

"We're from Vermont," said Sen. Anthony Pollina, a Progressive from Washington County. "We're in one of the smartest states in the country, and we're in one of the healthiest states in the country, and we can figure this out."

Universal Healthcare has been bandied about for years up here. This week, with a lot of noise and hullabaloo, it came to a head. The State Senate has voted their okays now, and though I'm skratting around online I haven't yet seen what the final terms were. There were some amendments added and defeated but according to the Burlington Free Press article,

"The Senate approved a health care reform bill, 29-9, in a final vote this afternoon. Earlier today the Senate debated 10 amendments, though all that would have made significant changes were defeated.
"The bill received preliminary approval Monday night by a vote of 21-8. The legislation, a priority for Gov. Peter Shumlin, already passed the House."

So a five-member board will examine and determine the details of what and how this will happen. And Vermont, once again, leads the country. Damn, we're good.

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