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Friday, April 29, 2011

We Don't Have a Monarchy, or Do We?

Everywhere you look in media this month, there's something about the wedding of William and Kate. It's ubiquitous. How Americans could get besotted by royalty after the treatment we've had from them is anyone's guess. Half of us came here to get away from them. I guess now that we're at a safe distance it's okay to watch them on the TV. It all seems more created by the media than a real interest of the people.

If you were to believe the US news spokesmodels, every single household here is celebrating with the British Royal Family. That's not true. There are plenty of us who don't care at all and have more important matters at hand. There are some who hate all royalty. Most households in the US live under a far crueler feudalism and oftentimes root for their masters. Of course I'm talking about the rich corporations who run and corrupt our country. They are our kings and there's nothing to keep them in check. Their only allegiance is to their money. If anything, they're much less useful than a Royal Family; they don't do funny human things we can point at and laugh, they do antisocial things that harm the public. Look at Donald Trump, a corrupt bazillionaire with no morals and no reason to be lauded much less listened to. Yet people take him seriously just because he's rich.

I've got nothing against William and Kate. William was born to his fate as I was born to mine. At least we'll never see him with a smug sneer and horrible combover pretending to intelligence. I hope.


Geo. said...

Brava! I believe you've addressed the fundamental difference: royals practice royalty; Trump practices trumpery. Certainly, before he's allowed political office, his brain should be examined by a qualified proctologist.

Austan said...