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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Farewell Detox Stomach?

For the past 3 days, I've had a good stomach. I even ate twice today and had some Oreos. Don't want to jinx it; it's fooled me before. But it's good while it's good. Everything is settling in. I actually felt a bit relaxed and happy in here tonight (grumpy old lady next door notwithstanding). Still can't find squat, but it'll all turn up eventually. There was hopeful news today, and not so hopeful. That's the way it always is now, never one full day of good news anymore. Even in this little sleepy New England town. And worldwide it's way worse. Every time I see what's happening in Japan I feel hopeless. How could men create and develop something so hideously destructive as nuclear energy? It's Icarus stupidity. And the freedom fighting goes on in the rebelling Middle East. The irony of a nation that invades and imposes "democracy" in one place but backs away from helping those fighting for it in others isn't lost on me. But then again, it's the same nation that's run by the uber-rich who've made their bundles from the backs of the workers. Can't expect morality there. So we have to keep ourselves sane and content with little victories. Like digesting food well. I think I've just depressed myself.

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