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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pitter-Patter Sounds on Palm Sunday

Aside from the constant and pleasant sound of rain, it's totally quiet now. This is what I love most here, the silence of the night. It being a full moon weekend, things would be quieting down at my old place right about now. Out here the night is sooooooo enjoyable. Today is Palm Sunday in the Christian community. Doesn't mean much to me these days except it's the mark of flowering season. In the little front garden that the previous tenants planted hyacinths are blooming and two daffodils have popped out. When the last frost is over I'll give the roses some tea. It's a joy to watch things come up; I have no idea what's planted there so nearly every day there's a surprise. The vivid purple of the hyacinths and the bright deep yellow of the daffies are such eye candy after years of brick and concrete around me. I'd forgotten how exciting Spring is. My home aide makes granola and gave me a big tub of it for my birthday present. I'm urging her to sell it, it's that good. Practically addictive, which is what real cooks aim for- create a food that people's tastebuds remember, an aroma that the senses recognize before the brain even realizes what it is. If you do that, you create regular customers. Which can get annoying after a while. It's a bit like rock stars having to play their biggest hit 40 years on, but more limiting. A song can be changed up and the crowd will still roar. You can't screw with a winning recipe. People expect the same exact thing every time. Changing a menu can close a restaurant. I've seen it happen too many times. If you create the addiction, you have to deal with the addicts. Blogger still keeps eating my paragraphs. It worked once to triple return but it doesn't now. So my posts look like one run-on paragraph with no breaks between ideas or subjects. Also annoying. But I'm trusting nobody cares. Enjoy your Sunday.

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