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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wherein It All Catches Up

The adrenaline has worn off. The finish line has been crossed in a few ways this morning and damn I'm tired. I may goof off for the day and do some clothing designs. Hang around and rest my very aching bones. There's no big rush to get the rest done, and the essentials- kitchen and bathroom- are sorted. The bookshelves aren't here yet and I may not have an aide Friday; I'm not gonna push myself to total exhaustion. It just isn't worth it. And hooray, it really does look like my stomach is back to normal. Took 2 months and a week, but that hell is over. And I got to knock off a few opiates pounds to boot. It's all good. It'll be a while before the water and fat accumulated by years of systems slowed to a crawl by various shots and drugs falls away. It didn't happen in a week, it won't go away in a week. I'll be back to my 1999 weight eventually. It's a pretty day. The rain blew over in gusty winds overnight. I hope it warms up enough to open the windows... ah, Spring.

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