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Monday, September 26, 2011

7X7 At 7 O'Clock

I just awoke from a nap, book on face ("Facebook, the Laura version", Strider quipped)  to find that Delores at The Feathered Nest very sweetly tagged me with The 7X7 Links!

How this works is, you go back through all your blogposts and choose 7 that fit the bill. Wow. This will take a while. And no, I still haven't learned to do proper hot links so the old way will have to do... ;)

1. most beautiful
A short poem about a memorable first kiss
2. most popular
Probably due to its being linked on Wikipedia, about my old boss:
3. most controversial
This is the hardest to find; the dear readers who comment and view my blog are usually in agreement wih me, so I don't get arguing feedback. But the closest I guess, came to being really pissed off about cynicism:
4. most helpful
In the wake of the Norway massacres this summer, I found something Stephen Fry tweeted and it was very healing:
5. surprisingly successful
At the start of the Murdoch scandals, Hugh Grant played a big part, and I had a surprising number of hits and they're still coming:
6. most underrated
Never understood why this didn't even get a comment:
7. most pride worthy      
Now here's the damning one; what I'm proudest of writing. Well, I'll pick one from the Way Back Machine, before a dozen people even knew I was blogging:
Here's the really fun part!
And now I have to tag 7 bloggers for the challenge. So here they are:
CarrieBoo is amazing. Her adventures, her wit and her lively take on life are not to be missed.
Rory is a great writer and his Scottish Scribbler blog is well-known, but this is his serious side, about politics and injustice.
Michaelann writes about all sorts of things, and about social justice in a no-nonsense, gutsy way.
Annie is a refreshing, challenging writer who picks interesting topics. Blog more, Annie!
Geo. is an enigma himself. You cannot define this blog. But it's hilarious.
I've recommended Wayne's blog before. I can't recommend it too many times.
Helene writes about all kinds of music. She writes about new bands, favorite bands and musicians she admires. She also takes great unusual photos  I admire her outlook.
So now I'll go let all these blogging stars know they have been tagged.  The rules are simple. Find posts in your blog that meet the criteria of
most beautiful
most popular
most controversial
most helpful
surprisingly successful
most underrated
most pride worthy      
and then, tag 7 lucky bloggers!
Thanks, Delores (Lawless) hehe. Visit  her at


klahanie said...

Hi Laura,
Ah yes, 'Farcebook', everyone's favourite social 'notworking' site where I leave vitally important profile updates about my thrilling life, such as, 'I just went to the kitchen, made a cup of coffee and now I'm having a bagel...'
Sorry, I digress, where was I? Where am I? Oh yeah, hearty congrats on getting that seven links type award. Yet another thoroughly deserved award. And to have received it from the lovely Delores, is just wonderful:)
I shall endeavour to go through your blog links. And heck, I shall check those you have forwarded this award onto who have not already had the pleasure of a visitation from me, yes, shy and humble me.
And finally, yes finally, this comment will suddenly..end!

Austan said...

Hi Gary!
Thanks for that, my friend. It's an honor indeed. I hope you enjoy the blogs I cited. And please never end commenting. You always cheer me up and on. ;)

Anonymous said...

Seven great choices..I think my favourites would be Need and Greed and Ending Abuse.

Austan said...

Delores- Thanks! And thanks for the award!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Wow! Some really terrific stuff here. My favorite is the one on ending abuse. It isn't easy to analyze oneself that honestly, and it takes a helluva lot of guts to write about it.

Austan said...

Thanks, Susan! Ending Abuse was a leap in courage for me.

annieoatcake said...

Hey Laura, I just saw this! I'll see if I have enough blogs to fulfil it :-)

Gonnae enjoy reading yours - thanks,