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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deja Vu

I'll be moving back in the beginning of October. I moved in at the beginning of April. Strider got away for a visit at the end of April and helped me settle in. Strider will be getting away at the end of October and will help me settle in, again. Perhaps I'll change the furntiure arrangement. I mean, it's an opportunity to redecorate!

And there are good things out of this. I think the war with the old lady next door is over. A tragedy makes pissy things go away. I will get a new bed, which I've desperately needed for a couple of years anyway. And those rugs held too many memories...time to let them go.

Today I tore into cleaning up the parts of the website I'm volunteering with that I hadn't gotten to before Irene came to town. What a pleasure to get normalcy back. And the house is quiet- all the roomies are off doing Saturday things. And my niece sent me these outrageously good shortbread cookies- "I like a short cookie, Ralph!" So yeah, today is just all right by me.

I'll get back to outrage tomorrow. I saw the Guardian last night, and after 2 weeks of no news it was a shock to see what's going on. I'm still getting caught up on other peep's blogs, too.... ach, 14 lousy days and the world's run way ahead of me! I've a feeling I'll be playing ketchup til Halloween. Be patient, kind reader, I'm only a Vermonster.


Allyson said...

i will happily play the mustard to your ketchup. <3

Austan said...

i loves you anna bell.