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Monday, September 26, 2011

Nicely Said, Mr. Carville!

James Carville sent an email around asking peep to donate $3 or more to boost the Dems' warchest. The usual "we've gotta fight 'em" hoohah. But the opening lines made me smile:

"There’s something in their tea.
"That’s the only explanation I can think of to explain the bizarre babblings of Tea Party Republicans.

"And the rants of these global-warming-denying, Social-Security-cutting, clean-air-hating, job-cutting, Wall-Street-protecting tea party types would be funny if it weren’t for one thing:

"Money. Lots of it.

"Backed by millions of dollars raised by Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, what would pass for a cheap side show at a flea-bitten circus has become a dangerous political force that threatens the very future of our country."

Good job!


Anonymous said...

I have tagged you for the 7x7 links challenge if you feel like participating. Info on my blog.

Austan said...

Thanks, Lawless! I'll go look!