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Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Ready to Go Go

Three more days and I'll be outta here and on my way to Strider's house. I'm planning the last suppers, cuz Nan will be gone Wednesday so tomorrow night's the last night we'll all be together. It's kinda sad. I've grown so used to the way things run here, all the roomies and people coming and going. And the 4 year old and I have become pretty attached. But it's not like I'm leaving forever. I'll be home.

Last night my friend Lise brought me little homemade "Come Back Soon" kinda box. It's so sweet. She put tiny handmade candles, little incense sticks, a lucky penny, a flower button, a spring of pine with a teeny pinecone on it, and a liittle shale stone, all to remind me of home. And the box itself is decorated with teeny flowers, a little red stone, and the inside, if you turn it, is a full moon over trees. Very Brattleboro. I, of course, cried when they hugged me goodbye. I am sap, big time style-y.

There will be a few goodbyes this week. And I'm sad to leave my home town. But as soon as we hit the highway, I'm gonna be busting to spend a couple of months (maybe- maybe only one month) with Strider and Ems in the house in the deep woods. ;)


Geo. said...

Bon voyage et bonne chance. Et s'il vous plaît nous tenir au courant. Sometimes things just sound more cheerful in French.

Austan said...

Pas de soucis! Je vais être détachement alors que je suis loin, et rester sur haut de des histoires que j'ai suivi. Things really do sound lighter in French!

CarrieBoo said...

What about your loin?


Austan said...

Haha! I am a loin. Like JFK was a dessert.

annieoatcake said...

A beautiful post - you attract kindness.
The little house in the woods... oh, I can just picture it :-)

Austan said...

Annie- That's true. I never used to, but now that I've calmed down and gotten older, there seems a lot more kindness around me. Yes, I'm going to the little house in the woods!!!!