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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Last Last Supper

Well, we ate some really good food, drank a bit of champagne, laughed a lot. I don't think it'll set on any of us that I'm really going til I'm gone. I'm kinda tipsy on one champagne!

Well, it's been fun here. Now Part 2 of Austanspace- There and Back Again begins.

Really, I can't wait..


klahanie said...

Good food, champagne and laughter. Here's looking forward to Part 2 of Austanspace :)

Austan said...

Off I launch- I'll be back on here Saturday, once I'm kinda settled into Strider's. Take care Gary, and everyone. See you then!

Rory Grant said...

Good luck Laura and I'll be delighted to see you back again!