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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Was Executed

As I went to sleep last night I heard over the radio that Troy Davis was killed by our government.

I hate that I live in a country that will kill a man who may have been innocent. I hate the death penalty altogether. And I hate those who rubber stamp it.


Anonymous said...

The death penalty serves no purpose to my mind. Far better to let a murderer rot in prison lamenting his life lost than to put him out of his misery.
I understand that up to the last minute, this poor young man declared his innocence. I hope the truth is found eventually.
I feel so sorry for the family of the victim of his supposed "crime" as I have a feeling that the death of a potentially innocent man is not going to do much to heal their pain.

paulg said...

Our government should not have this power.
We have proved far too willing to jail the innocent - look what Alabama and Karl Rove have done to Don Siegelman ( If charges can be trumped up by one political party to jail a former governor of the opposite party, who is safe?
None of us.