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Sunday, September 25, 2011

You See, It's All Clear...

The sun rose over the mountains and burned off the caul of fog. It's like many other mornings I've seen and not at all like any other morning. Strider found an ergonomic desk chair for me; my body doesn't know what to do with it. I've been sitting in a delapidated wing chair for years, then on my walker for a month. It's gonna take a while for everything to adjust to where it's supposed to be. Yes, the spoilage continues.

This sentience of why I'm here and what got me here is either close to enlightenment or insanity, I'm not sure which. But in the middle of a really good movie last night I started making notes for the book, and when the movie ended and Strider was fast asleep in her big chair, I came to the desk and started writing.

It's not clear how I'll put this all together. I have chapter outlines and a lot of notes and I'll go from there. How it turns out, who knows? Having trust in the process is part of it.

In the news today, we go from the emetogenic to the ridiculous. Putin will probably go back for another term as Russia's president. Oh joy. There goes my appetite.

The hacking scandal keeps growing like The Blob:

The NYPD has finally shown a decidedly rotten core to the Wall St protesters:

Ben & Jerry's has a new flavour, "Schweddy Balls":

Some Brazilians have a real story too ridiculous to not be true:

A Berkeley College Republican bake sale will price goodies by race:

US poverty levels soar as Repos fiddle:

The first case of spontaneous combustion recorded in Ireland:

And I think that's all the news I can stand right now.

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