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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Troy Davis to Die on Wednesday

Troy Davis is sentenced to be executed on Wednesday. Twenty years ago, Troy’s conviction was based entirely on circumstantial evidence and witness testimony. Seven of the nine people who testified at his trial have recanted their testimony or changed their story. There is more than reasonable doubt. Tomorrow is the last chance he has to stay alive. Please read and listen to his sister's plea and consider writing to the Georgia Board to save his life. Even if you are pro-death penalty, this is a travesty and miscarriage of justice:


Rory Grant said...

I hope something gives at the eleventh hour - like you say - there is 'reasonable doubt' and that should be enough to grind everything to a halt for now.

To be honest though Laura - I've all but given up on the American Judicial system. I've been watching the case of Michelle Taylor for over a year now. She made a 13 year old boy touch her breast (which was covered by a bra)- her sentence? Life imprisonment - The defence lawyer broke down in tears pleading for clemency and the judge virtually apologised for giving her a life sentence - but under state law it's the only sentence he was permitted to pass. Everyone agrees she should be punished but to get more years than she would have for killing him, it's just crazy.


Austan said...

Oh yeah, the "justice system" here is insane. In Vermont anyone who's arrested once is watched and bound to be arrested again. "Going Back to Prison" parties are common here. Because if you go once, they'll get you again. Unless, of course, you have lots of money, a fancy lawyer and move away as soon as you're out. And that's if you're white!