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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Last Effort

Troy Davis is scheduled for execution tomorrow. The Georgia Board signed it in yesterday. There is one last avenue, and organizations are asking for help. From an NAACP email:

"Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm is the man who originally issued the death warrant against Troy Davis, and he is in a unique position to petition the judge to withdraw that death warrant against Troy.
Since Troy Davis' conviction, the facts of the case have changed dramatically. The evidence in the Troy Davis case has always been circumstantial due to a lack of relevant physical evidence and no murder weapon. The conviction was based almost wholly on witness testimony, and seven of the nine witnesses have recanted their testimony or changed their stories.

"In light of this knowledge, the evidence used to convict Troy Davis appears even weaker.
Sign the petition to District Attorney Larry Chisolm. Ask him to petition the judge to withdraw the death warrant, and support clemency for Troy Davis:
An innocent life hangs in the balance. Tell DA Chisolm that he has your support in preventing Troy Davis' execution.
Thank you."

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