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Monday, September 19, 2011

Good News!!??

It's been long enough coming. We've been waiting for Obama to find a spine, and maybe he has. The tax cuts for the rich are planned to end.

This of course, doesn't mean it'll happen; it's a plan. And it also includes cuts on Medicaid and Medicare and "other entitlement" programs. Entitlement? Hello? We pay into those for years- to say "entitlement" reeks of it being a favor... but that's another blog.

In a smaller but important victory, the St. Mark's Bookshop will live to fight another day. The St. Mark's is a landmark of NYC, and was nearly lost when its landlord demanded an outrageous rent increase. Lots of people signed a petition and lots of politicians, seeing a popular thing to get behind, rallied, and St. Mark's is okay. hooray for our side.

The birthday we planned for Nancy came off without trouble. Phoebe cooked an assortment of Indian dishes- all incredible (I wish I'd had her at restaurant school) and everyone ate, laughed, told stories. Which reminds me- I'll have to "Cube" y'all someday...

And the writer doing a book about the summer from Hell here interviewed me for 2 hours yesterday. We went all over the place with what this town's about, what the coop shooting did, just everywhere. I'm sure I'll catch hell for some of what I said, but it's all true.

Gotta run- this is my last week in Bratt for a couple of months, I leave Friday. Many loose ends to tie!

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Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I hope the prez has found his spine, but he still has an uphill battle to get the Republicans to agree to any kind of tax increase on the wealthy.