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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's People Like Me What Causes Unrest

A few months back, when France was rioting and Brits took to the streets in huge protests against the way things are being run, I asked a question on a local site: "Will We Ever Riot Here?" And got trounced for saying it. Now, Mayor Bloomie of NYC is asking it;

We've rioted before. I grew up with riots. But it does puzzle me how, since the drug cultures emerged (first illegal, now prescribed pharmaceutical) much of the resistance to and criticism of authority has died down. And it makes me wonder, sure does.


CarrieBoo said...

You know how to call them! Is it because you get the old "you're not being patriotic" thing, that people get so defensive?

Austan said...

Oh yeah, I'm un-American, and that I'm "inciting to riot"! Like the reality isn't something to be rioting about alone!

CarrieBoo said...

There's that linguistic thing at play again, me thinks.