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Friday, September 9, 2011

Official Space Helmet On, Oh Captain Video!

After a few days of feeling sorry for myself, having no clue as to what to do or how to do it, I got a spine back. So today my darling aide went to the shops, got me a wireless port thingie and hallefreakinlujah, I'm online again.

Oh, my darling full size HP PC how I've missed you, things are normal again- deleting goes the way it always has, I don't have to wear glasses to see the screen, there are no hoops to jump, no hoping and waiting to get online time, and now I'll spend a couple of days catching up on what the hell's been going on in the world for the last 2 weeks.

There's still no idea what's up with the home scene. Nobody gives an answer. But I'm dragging my ass over there tomorrow and getting some firsthand questions answered.

God it's good to be back and bitching again.

Okay, now to see what the world and all the bastards have been back later.

1 comment:

Geo. said...

Re:"Okay, now to see what the world and all the bastards have been doing..."

This one's been writing crazy essays about Bible beasts and strangely titled poems. Glad you're back!