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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Arab Spring Results

Tunisians voted for the first time ever today. We'd all be better off if everyone took the right to vote more like they do:


Anonymous said...

No kidding...we had the worst turn out ever for the provincials. Disgusting. When you realize that women didn't have the right to vote in this country until my mothers time you would think we would all be out there with bells on.

Austan said...

Lawless- My mom was born right after we got the vote. My grandmother was a marching Suffragette, though. How have we come to so take that for granted that we don't even exercise the right? I didn't vote for a few years in my twenties, but have been there with bells for every one since. Ran some, too. Got elected, too. It's critical to vote- we see the results of cynicism by what we have in office now.

paulg said...

I've missed one election in my life: 1980.
Never again

Austan said...

Paul- ah, it was your fault. ;) I've never missed a Presidential, but I missed plenty of locals in NYC. Restaurants didn't give you time to go vote as a rule.