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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Business Before People

Still can't sleep.

As of today I believe, our local movie house has reopened. Most of the businesses that were flooded out by Irene are back up and running, and have been for some time.

But we who were flooded out of our homes are still in limbo. Some, like the people in the trailer park, are and have been living in the muck all along. Which is a nightmare and I feel guilty for not being home making phone calls and meetings to help that get fixed.

Supposedly it's all up to the Fire Department now. I think I'll give the Chief a call tomorrow and ask what the deal is. Obviously I have no answers from management. Or even the courtesy of a promised email.

Ah, I'm too pissed off to sleep. That's the issue. Great. Maybe it'll be a "read all night" night.


Michaelann Bewsee said...

Hope you get to go home soon!

Anonymous said...

Your "occupy" group is headed for Toronto now..about an hours drive from us.
Sorry you can't sleep. I know what that's like. I do hope the string pullers smarten up soon and let you go home.

CarrieBoo said...

So, basically there are now businesses with no people to go to them. Very clever, that.

Back in England, there were people who lived in boats and floated up and down the Leeds to Liverpool canal. I actually got to go on a boat and interview them the one time. I thought it was great. They should make all the trailers into boats, with waterways to travel about, then people wouldn't have to be stuck in trailers when it flooded.

I can't imagine what's it like with the weather getting colder. Somebody needs to get a shimmy on.

Austan said...

Michaelann- Thanks, and good luck with all that's happening in Springfield.

Lawless- Occupy has spread to London! There are 4 starting today in VT alone. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever go home.

Carrie- I was wondering if the businesses are feeling a loss. It's only about a hundred peep still displaced from my town, and among the 12K and all the tourists we probably aren't missed.

Around Bratt the waterways are too fluctuating to have houseboats. After the flood, the West and Connecticut rivers were so low you could see the riverbed. If they could get a grip on that, it's a possibility.

With the holidays a few weeks away, this really sucks.