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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I was trying to go to sleep when Ems did a desperate dance. So I got up and let him out. As the door was closing, the pastel cat zipped out. And when I hollered for her the Beest slipped out too. Little creepers. Ems is back and Hildebeest is sleeping. Clemmie the weirdo is out in the freezing cold. I call and call but she's being Honey Badger tonight.

Il neige. It won't stick- it'll be weeks before the ground is frozen. But it is pretty damn cold and up here at night it's dark. Strange night light from the sky- almost like the negative of the world they use in Tales From the Darkside. Only a bit more Stephen King-ish.

Okay, everybody's in and it's lights out. Until Strider comes in. I may be dead asleep by then.

It snows in Brattleboro tonight, too. When I left The Shire it was still Summer. I wonder what the fall looked like this year there. It'll be squarely Stick Season when I go back, with 2 weeks to get ready for Thanksgiving. I'm too old for this happy horseshit.


Anonymous said...

We're never too old for the happy.

paulg said...

"Too old for this happy horseshit"?

I love that! It'll be my mantra from now on.

Fer instance: I'm "too old for this happy horseshit" because I'm supposed to be out painting as we speak, but temps at 9:30 AM are still around 30 and the snow on the lilacs outside my window hasn't gone either.

I'm glad you got the fur faces in before bed time. There's a heartbreaking notice from Paula on iBratt this morning about her missing cat.

Austan said...

Lawless- but we are for the horseshit. ;)

Paul- that's another family saying. It stuck in Bratt but not here. Strider woke me up to show me the snow when she came home. Very pretty, all gone now in the sunlight.

Oh no, I'll go peruse iBratt.