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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Punkin Pukes

It looks like a lot of people are doing the Guy Fawkes mask this year. I'll leave it to them. Wonder how many Guys there were at the Keene Pumpkin Festival?

So the Puking Punkin and Strider's cat will be lit, and we'll settle down to the live GhostHunters show on Well, I will. Strider may get willied out by it.

Made a pumpkin/curry/black bean soup. Hearty fare for the night of spooks.

If all else fails I'll read one of Joe Hill's stories. That oughta wig me out.

Pleasant dreams...Happy Halloween. :O


Anonymous said...

We have monsters at our door.....

klahanie said...

And we survived Halloween. Of course, we didn't have the 'joy' of screaming kids asking for treats. Now, the candies are mine, all mine!
Guy Fawkes may have had the right idea and just to bore you with some trivia, I have visited the house in York where once he lived. The name of the street in York is named,'The Shambles'.
Yes, it's almost three thirty in the morning and I'm exhausted. That's my excuse for my weird comment :)

CarrieBoo said...

Guy Fawkes night was ace. And York is a gorgeous town. How's this for random (teehee). I once caught the train to York with this guy I was "dating" (or whatever the heck that was) and we were enjoying a pint by the river, sat on the cobbles, when all of a sudden a "mature" lady flashes her boobs on a passing cruiser boat. Weird!

The pumpkin bean curry things sounds delish. We watched the end of Poltergeist for our kicks. I think it will be a Halloween week for us. We taped lots of good stuff. Hope you got a scare in there, Laura!

Austan said...

Yay! Everyone had some Halloweening. I read the torture bits in Goldman's Princess Bride. It was uncomfortably scary. ;)