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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to Business

Occupy Wall St. goes on. I've seen reports of it having spread to 70- 120 cities, across the US; seems nobody's keeping a tally. The big NYC march last week brought out unions:

The DC protesters had a bona fide agent provacateur, a right-wing tabloid reporter, who bellyached that the protesters didn't follow his disgraceful lead:

Mikey Welsh, the Weezer Bassist, died after eerily predicting his own death:

Four teenage girls took on the NYPD after jumping the turnstile:

UVM joined the Occupiers in their own way:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

And my hometown's own Steve West, local radio guy, went to Wall St:

Okay, that's about all my head can handle before 9 a.m. More later!


CarrieBoo said...

Holy cow, Laura. I'm about four links in. Very encouraging, on the the protesters and how they are working together, the seasoned and the young. There are some great signs in there. *hissssssssssss* at the disgusting journalist. *hefty frown* for the ex-Weezer bassist (scary). And as for the teenage girls... that's a lot of trouble for a collective $9.

Nice reportin'!

Austan said...

Thanks Carrie. I've been falling behind!