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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Books and Blogs and Leftovers

Stephen Fry has a great BBC series going about The Story of Language. I've been following it and am smitten with him and the series. You can watch it here:

Other parts are in the sidebar menu. At one point he goes into the evolution of the written word, typesetting and books, which led to religious dogma and collective enlightenment as well. Think of religion without a book to lay down the laws. Wouldn't have stuck.

Books have been my obsession since way back. One of the things I love about being here is that my bed has a whole wall of books running beside it. I don't know of anything else that makes me happier than books. Even music, though I'd be hard pressed to make a choice of only one or the other. I couldn't live without books, not happily anyway.

My friend Stevil writes about the Melrose situation with some marvelous visuals:

We have a fridge full of leftovers again. In the past few days I made Moo Goo Gai Pan, meat loaf and chili. Strider will be gone tomorrow so I'll make Swedish Meatballs then and tonight we'll have made room for that. I've gotten re-domesticated. That'll go away once I'm back in Vermont...

There's more news but I simply don't want to deal with any more of it right now. We're going to make Jack O"Lanterns tonight. Strider's doing Clem the Kitty, I'm doing a Guy Fawkes mask. Guess it's piemaking tomorrow, too. That's fine, it'll keep the house warm. ;)


CarrieBoo said...

I love Fry. Thanks for that... sounds right up my alley!

Oooh, yes, pumpkin time.

Austan said...

Jacks have been postponed til Friday. :I