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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The World Goes 'Round

While I've spent my time activising, the rest of the world has been spinning like a top.

People are protesting in China! Good for them!

Protesters surround the Oakland, CA City Hall after a protesting vet was seriously attacked by police there:

The NYC Occupiers march in sympathy:

More bad police in NYC:

Bangkok is in trouble:

Gaddafi's driver talks:

It's Rocky time again:

Our hometown theatre is back in business after Irene, and tonight is Rocky Night:
(they have Paranormal 3, too)

There's some good seasonal radio to listen to:

And my friend Lise has written a really good piece on "What the Protesters Want"


Anonymous said...

You have to feel sorry for someone who just sees things on the surface and never looks any deeper..."I believed them when they told me we were fighting bad men" childlike and simplistic ....or.... how devious. Hard to tell.

Austan said...

Lawless- the Nuremburg defense includes claiming to not know better... we'll never know.

paulg said...

Lise's piece was very good.

I highly recommend seeing this youtuber of Greg Palast talking to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now about Goldman Sachs and OWS: