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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Close to the Edge

Dammit! Just heard from the property manager back home. Now she says there'll be no news until NEXT WEDNESDAY. Are you fucking kidding me? This whole deal has been, "Oh you'll be back in a week", "Oh, you'll be back in 3 weeks", "Oh, you'll be back in 2-4 months", "Oh, you'll be back in 2 weeks", "Oh, we don't know". and now, "We won't know anything til next Wednesday."  Are they trying to drive me crazy or is this just incidental? How much are we supposed to stand before flipping the fuck out?

This isn't just an inconvenience to me and my whole life; Strider has a very responsible job and she has to plan to take time off to drive me home and help me; this fucking around is bullshit. Not to mention that I have a shitload of coordinating to do to make this happen.

And so, the flood itself is not the issue. That's all old news. The issue is trying to get the bureaucrats to get their shit together so the rest of us can get on with our lives and go home. Oh, but please don't let our lives being entirely thrown to the dogs interfere with your three-day weekend, and then a day to recoup. I'll just sit here with my thumb up my ass waiting for you to make a decision. You take your time. 


sdt said...

My goodness, someone's a little testy this morning, aren't they?
(Not that you don't have reason to be. and not that you shouldn't rip 'em a new one...)

I am off on Saturday, would it help if I walk by and see if there's anything to see yet?
Keep calm, cheerio, carry on.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Nothing for you has been easy and all this bureaucracy is probably making it twice as hard. I feel so bad for you and all the others who have been displaced.

BTW - love your comment that I have lost a sack of potatoes. You still have a good sense of humor despite all that is going on around you.

Austan said...

Oh I'm ready to rip someone something.

Yes, Bunky, it'd be nice to know how things look, at least, like is the dry 15 X 5 riverbed filled in and is my stairway out back finished to please the Fire Dept, etc. I was hoping for eyewitness reports on iBratt but poor people don't matter. As we all know now.

Austan said...

Arleen- It would probably help to be in touch with my neighbors and commiserate, but we're scattered around the country. This is a nightmare made worse by the chain-yanking and uncertainty.

Well, you have lost a sack of potatoes! Try lifting that a few times, it'll make you proud!

Anonymous said...

Talk about frustration. Take a deep breath, there is nothing you can do about it so you may as well try to relax. Don't let them give you an ulcer. Honestly, the lack of common consideration is mind boggling.

Austan said...

Lawless- I have taken my Dad's advice in this: "When the going gets tough, the tough drink a beer, very quickly." and my Brother's advice: "Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer." There's nothing I can do, so it's rock and roll and blow off the steam. Cue up "Tarkus" and a fresh Beck's. I need a holiday. ;)

annieoatcake said...

Laura, I know it must be awful and I know it's enough to drive anyone to drink... but I can't stop laughing at the way you put it across :-)
I reckon that's a good thing - enables you to vent your frustration at the idiocy of bureaucracy and the total lack of power and control of the mass majority. It also keeps your readers coming back because you are a 'human' face who can articulate, in a pragmatic way, all the shit that's been thrown at us. Thanks for being there :-)

paulg said...

I'm afraid it's bad management - well intended, sweet people, but essentially clueless.

Remember, I heard the BHA ask on the radio for donations of dehumidifiers so I brought my old one over and gave it to them.
But a few days later when we were loading your "pod" and cleaning out your apt., I was over at the office taking advantage of the free pizza - there was my dehumidifier right where I left it.
Meanwhile, Servpro was arriving with their industrial grade stuff and there was no need for crappy little machines like mine.
So did BHA not know Servpro was coming or that they would have their own equipment? Or was it a case of the left hand not telling the right?

It seems of a piece with the way you've been treated - they lack good clear management.

Austan said...

Annie- I really hope you can get across the pond one of these days and we get to paint the town red!

Paul- Jeez! I didn't know that! Why are they asking for things they won't use? Or did they think they could do it themselves? I don't think they had a clue about any of this. And I think the insurance companies are the problem now. It's another Chinese puzzle- if one thing moves the whole thing moves and you're always putting something out of place.