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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Miracle in Zuccotti Park

My friend Plague just reminded me of the Miracle in Zuccotti Park. She said in her dreams she's rolling me down the street "and we're there, with the unions- you and I, in that proud moment. I haven't felt so stirred up in a long time- how glorious to even begin to think that, if this country were pushed far enough, what happened in Egypt might be able to happen here, after all." It's true. People are protesting all over my country, in big cities and small ones. I believe a lot of them would die rather than go on the way we are.

And so, this is the packet of crap I have to carry through this American Autumn. We all have at least one. But change is coming. We just have to shepherd it closely.


CarrieBoo said...

I was thinking zucchini,then. Great title! For sure, Laura. And then we need to keep an eye on things. It's constantly changing and evolving. Makes you feel good to want to play a part in the future, and to care, in any capacity.

Austan said...

Carrie- In my whole life I never thought it could happen; I never thought people would finally get fed up. But it's happening. I think even a General Strike may not be far offof reality. That's been a dream of mine since 1980. The bus drivers union standing up made me cheer!