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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Late Afternoon Autumn

Ems wants outside. When I open the door he and I both stand there for a minute. Woodstoves are going- we may have snow tonight- and we smell maple burning. That sweet smell, the sap that rises in the Spring and is boiled down to yummy syrup, burns in the wood and fills the air.

Ems goes out and I watch him from the window, nose in air, stock still, enjoying being a dog.


CarrieBoo said...

They really know how to live in the moment. A good reminder some days. I would love a wood-stove.

Anonymous said...

MMMMMM I can smell it.

Austan said...

The smell is intoxicating. It just forces you to stop for a moment.

I've just heard it's snowing in my hometown.

paulg said...

I do miss the wood stove.
Love splitting wood, hauling it,having it and its buggies crawling around, love fiddling with a fire - mild pyro tendencies.

Wood smoke is fine in small doses. Had more than I wanted on many occasions doing controlled burns with the Forest Service as a youngster.

Austan said...

I miss woodstoves and fireplaces.