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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chilly in Maine

The trees are vivid enough for me, though Strider says they're nowhere near the normal show. I'm taking pix (with real film) and got some shots of last night's full moon.

I've mentioned the idea of having a get-together of some of us who blog together next summer. Strider has offered her place as the site. There's room, a couple bedrooms stand vacant- and land even for tents & camping. Let me know what you think.

The manager emailed to give me the terms and okay for getting a bed delivery. After I talked to the guys at Emerson's it went smoothly, so that's a huge pile of crap off my head. The guy there said he was out of his house for a week and then went a further week and a half without electricity so he knows about the flood and being homeless. The office found a spot for keeping the bed. I guess even furniture doesn't go in without the Fire Dept's go-ahead.  Rugs will have to wait til next month or after. It was almost 700 dollars. FEMA gave me 230 towards getting a new bed, and 2 rugs. So that's a bite outta the cash. But it'll be delivered Friday.
News just keeps happening but right now I'm hanging with Strider (gotta go make dinner soon) and there's always tomorrow.  Stay warm, these are the thin-blood days for we Northerners. ;)


Anonymous said...

One step at a time. It seems to be a terribly slow process.

paulg said...

That's a bad joke, man.

The word verifications that one has to type in to comment here are often really amazing non-words.
"Corthele" this time - doesn't that sound like a name for something or someone or somewhere?

Austan said...

Lawless- It's ridiculous!

Paul- Yeah. To replace a bed and 2 rugs. That's not even wholesale.

I've noticed that, too. An opportunity to make new words and define them?