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Monday, October 31, 2011


With the snow, the physical wreck I was and one thing or another over the weekend, guess what didn't get done? The pumpkins! So while Strider's at work today, I will gut them and boil their flesh, and have them ready to be carved and sit outside tonight to drive the ghoulies away. Just as well, because the weather would've destroyed them if we'd done them earlier. Now the front deck is clear and dry.

The snow has melted down to about maybe 3-4 inches. It'll be gone over the next week. I saw in the news that kids have the school day off. Why? Not here- the buses went by at 8 a.m. like always. It takes a real snow, a foot or so, with gale force winds, in the middle of the week, to keep New England kids out of school.

Today marks one week until the Development Review Board meeting that determines our fates. I'm trying so hard to not stress out. At least pain has receded; that makes it all a lot worse. I did get sleep, which helps enormously. And Strider's been a doll. I love her, I love her animals, I love this house, but it isn't my home. I want my home back.

So yes, this Halloween is scary all right. In altogether too real ways.

I'm gonna go gut some pumpkins and give them names. :)


Anonymous said...

Down in
The basement
Shiver in the cold,
Digging in
a pumpkin
Searching for the gold
Cutting up
The pulp
So Mom can make a pie,
Splitting up
The seeds
For roasting, Dad and I
Slicing off
Those dangly bits
Fingers stiff and cold,
Carving out
A face
That's frightening and bold.
When we put
The candle in
And the light shines through,
Pumpkin man
Will come alive
And he will scare YOU!

Boo!!!!! Happy Halloween. Gosh I hope everything finally works out. I know you want to go home.

Austan said...

Lawless- I love that poem! Never heard it before- is it yours?
Happy Halloweeeeennnn!

Anonymous said...

It's one else would lay claim to it.

Austan said...

Lawless! That should be in a children's book!

CarrieBoo said...

You know what, I thought exactly the same thing Laura!!! I didn't suggest it as I wasn't sure if Delores did art herself. But that would rock as a picture book!

Austan said...

Well hello, artist meet poet, and make a book!