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Monday, October 31, 2011

The News, No Hughie Lewis

Hughie Lewis always annoyed me anyway. Here then, is some news of the world:

OWS hits the "Valley Forge Stage":

Unesco admits Palestine:

True horrors:

We are 7 Billion now:

Chavez seizes land owned by UK corp:

Journalist visits his former jailer in post-Gaddafi Libya:

10 Scary short stories:

24 hours in pictures:


Anonymous said...

That little baby is so cute....imagine just 12 years ago it was 6 billion. 1 billion people in 12 years. We are an nfestation, a plague upon the earth.

Austan said...

We really are. When I think there are 3 times the people there were when I was born! How can the earth survive us?