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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dream Casting

Strider and I watched The Aristocrats tonight. Funniest thing I've watched in years! The Cromptons saw it way back and Muffin Pants said it was hilarious and he was right. Which put me in mind of Billy Connolly's old lady on the bus story that kills me, and that led to my dream cast.

Before I die, I want to see Billy Connolly and John Cleese in a movie together. Maybe The Prince and the Pauper. Something where they play brothers. I've emailed John Cleese about this.

And while I'm dream casting, would the surviving Python members please do a movie of the Four Yorkshiremen?

I'll leave you with some Billy:


klahanie said...

Ah yes, Billy Connelly, he never seems to be in Britain.
It seems like every time I switch on the TV, good old Billy is hanging out with the Inuit people in northern Canada, checking out grizzly bears or groovin' along Route 66:)
I reckon we can make Monty Python look like serious drama.
Kind wishes and I thought you might like to know that John Cleese and Billy Connelly are desperate for your autograph.

CarrieBoo said...

I loved seeing Billy travel up north. Some of the characters he met... that old lady chopping wood in the middle of nowhere. Crikey. This is why you should be in charge of Hollywood, Laura. ;)

Austan said...

Gary- Hahahah! And I'm pretty sure we could give them new ideas- they love irony. Oh I bet they are. :I

Carrie- When I'm Queen of the World things'll be different! :D