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Monday, October 17, 2011

Maybe. Perhaps. Possibly.

Heard from the manager. Her boss is 99.9% sure that the certificates of occupancy will be given by Friday. The only difference this time is the "99.9% sure." I'm caught between being cautiously optimistic and recklessly pessimistic.

It's now at the point that I'll believe nothing until I hear, "You can move back on such-and such." There's just no hope left to gather.

This seems to happen a lot in life. Things move ahead when I've given up hoping they will. Its reccurence makes me wonder if everyone's life is that way. That you have to go through a series of disappointments until you disengage and then finally it gives. At least it does give, and while there's relief and happiness over the end of whatever, it saps the joy out of it. You just want it over and done.

Whatever. It'll be nice to see my socks again. When it happens.


CarrieBoo said...

It's the old Sod's Law thing, isn't it. So, can they give you a percentage for the other Friday's... just so we can draw a graph and work out the probability more accurately. Do you hear any fat ladies singing? Wait, one more... guzzle it down with a pinch of salt. Something like that. (I'll give'em 10% optimism at this point, but I like good surprises.)

Austan said...

LOL! I'm giving it a 5% chance. That way I can write it off. Sod's Law is right!

Austan said...

Or maybe Hanlon's Law... ;)

Anonymous said...

We call it Murphy's Law...if something can go wrong it will.... I'm hoping Murphy was looking the other way and whistling when they gave you your 99.9%. I want you to see your socks again too.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

And there's another law, too. It says that Murphy was an optimist.

Good luck! Look at it this way: You're a day closer to going home today than you were yesterday. It'll happen.