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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Of Course You Realize This Means War

The Development Review Board meeting is scheduled firmly for November 7th. That should be when this matter is settled and we will get the OK to go home. However, there's the distinct possibility that it won't go that way and an appeals process will start. The Town screwed up; we'll have to pay for their screwing up, as if we haven't already.

Whatever happens, I'm going back to Bratt on November 12th. If I can't go back to my Hobbit home, my friends MuffinPants and his wife Carole will put me up. I can't wage this war from here, I can't work with the people I need to work with from here if we end up in appeals. And if, Gods forbid, my home is declared dead by the Town, I need to be there to find a new one.

Looking back, I've never been homeless this long in my life before. It's really much easier to take when you're young. Many of my neighbors are older than me, and sick. And they're also of a generation that played by the rules and did what they were told to do. If they can't fight for themselves then we as a community must. So I'm going home. I'll make a huge stink like they've never heard. I've never sued anyone in my life but I'm willing to, now. And I don't care if every Town Official hates my guts forever. This is going to be fixed.


Anonymous said...

Now there'll be hell to pay.

Austan said...

I think I'm ready to bring a portion of hell for to be paid, yes. :)