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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama Talks Back

To the Senate about the failure to pass the American Job Act. It ain't over, apparently. Obama may have grown a few vertebrae:

He's gonna take the package apart and make them object to it and defend that stance job item by job item. A "How do you like them now?" move. And he's asking people to bitch their view at their Congresspeople. Things may be looking up.


CarrieBoo said...

I have to wonder why he took this long, but GOOD!

BTW... we're watching Running Man on CHCH. We haven't got long, Obama... hurry!

Anonymous said...

Good for him. It's about time.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The Republican party is not going to let anything pass. Their agenda is for him to fail, and the country be damned.

Austan said...

I just hope he doesn't back down this time. You're right Arleen, the Repos want him gone, which makes me want him front and center, and they don't care if the people suffer; they'll still be rich because they hedge their bets.