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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Real New York of 1 Per Centers

My friend Tad sends out various email compendiums. He has one for jokes, a political one, etc. They're always good and sometimes a real stunner comes along, like this one.

This piece explains a lot of what's happened. It's a must-read. But take it slowly, it's a lot for one brain, one nervous system to take.


Anonymous said...

I'm not good with figures and percentages and interest rates but even I (challenged as I am) can see that this inequality of income is disgusting.

paulg said...

I confess, I only skimmed.

But aren't we empowering the wealthy class by such articles?
If you are what people think you are, then I prefer to think of this sad class as consisting of people who live for more zeros (as in $x followed by many 0s).

Austan said...

Lawless- it really is.

Paul- I think there's no disempowering them at this point. You really must read it when you have the time. Quite an eye-opener to exactly what's happened.