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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Second Chances

It's a great uncertain sky, that "cloudy but glowing to the south because it's Autumn" light. Strider's out of town at meetings. All's quiet around here.I'm pretty much a physical mess (I'll spare you the details) so it's a "sit and think" sort of day.

I was thinking about how we nearly never get second chances. With people, with situations, with so many choices we made throughout life. How many times did you not get a second chance? Way more often than we realize. No second go-round to make things better, or even different. No chance to say what you wish you'd said.

It's looking hopeful for those of us who live in my building. But that leaves 20 people whose buildings will most likely be demolished and won't be going home to The Shire ever again. Including two elderly ladies I know pretty well. This is shameful waste, and all because the anti-subsidized housing people were handed a way to do it.

It's almost a certainty that my building will be certified for reoccupancy on the 7th and I will be going home to The Shire after 2 1/2 months of being homeless on the 11th. A second chance. I think I'll talk to the old bitty and make peace. Who cares if she hangs Jesuses everywhere? As long as she won't mind my Green Man and Mjollnir hanging there with them, we'll get on fine. She may think she's converted me when she sees my Xmas Lights and Display but I'll straighten her out about that. It's funny; Strider had a feeling there was gonna be a big something happening and then we'd be friends. The old bitty's life is certainly permanently changed. The other Weird Sisters' apartments were in the buildings the Town is trying to lose. If they leave, she'll have much fewer koffee klatches. And few to yell to from the front porch. Though I'm sure there will be much milling in the street for the first few weeks we're back. Everyone will be telling their stories. Maybe there'll be a Tenant Meeting. Maybe I'll go.

Guess it's time to start thinking about where the furniture should be put. The bedroom is going the way I want it so I can use it and get into things this time. It was much too disfunctional, set up the way it was. I think I'll put the TV and chest between the bookcases on the far wall...


Anonymous said...

Aaaand she's off into decorator land. Remember to find a good place for the kitty litter box and the food dishes. Hope blooms again.

Austan said...

Thanks for the reminder! looks like even the bathroom has to be changed. Have to get kitty supplies!

CarrieBoo said...

What will happen to the ladies that can't come back? Well, Jesus was a hippy, pretty much. It's not too much of a stretch. ;)

Austan said...

The BHA will resituate them somewhere. There's a building they've just finished. And they'll work on finding them somewhere to live. Some may stay with family for good. Some may end up in nursing homes.

There was one that everyone thought was crazy. She used to go look at the brook every day, obsessed with its level.

Hey, Jesus was a radical. We get along fine on that level. It's his followers I have problems with. ;)

paulg said...

Jesus was never the problem.

It's the bureaucracy he never intended to leave behind - that's the problem!