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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hundreds of Wall St Occupiers Arrested

When protesters marched over the Brooklyn Bridge (why go to Brooklyn?) yesterday, hundreds were arrested. I've heard estimates between 500-700. Reports conflict; the NYPD had funneled access to the walkway that caused a bottleneck and people started going around the barriers into the roadway. Why the hell would you try to funnel that many people thru a small passway? Many more pound over the bridge running the marathon so I can't think it's worry for structural damage.

Anyway, here's what the Daily Snooze reported:

In other do-gooding, the Veterans For Peace are still going strong- one tried to make a citizen's arrest of Donald Rumsfeld in Boston:

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paulg said...

Here's a story from Alternet about women being underrepresented in media interviews at Occupy Wall Street, but trying to find voice to speak up. Also Madea Benjamin and Eve Ensler check in.