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Sunday, January 8, 2012

105 Days to Greg

Day 6 of the Hi-Pro Glow. Sick of meat. Remembering how this went last time. I pretty much stopped eating because I grew to hate proteins. But it works. Staying at under 22 grams of carbs can be made a game. If you care to. Me, I'm not caring. Just keep on keepin' on. My new dress is in the mail. I'll see results soon. The sugar craving is gone. Now there's a longing for bread. And so it goes. It's a luxury to be able to do a hi-pro diet. Kinda shuts my bitching off.

Some news bits:
Mitt's on my spit for later or tomorrow

Hungary's fed up too:

"I do not think it means what you think it means."

Romney outsourced jobs? The dog story isn't bad enough?

We lost Ronald Searle this week. Thank you for St. Trinian's, Mr. Mole.

My favorite Jumbafund vid:

"Living Homes"


Anonymous said...

Bread is probably one of the worse things for you...and the most desired. So easy to make a sandwich for lunch, so comforting to make toast when your tummy is a little off, so classic to have it for breakfast. Out of desperation I tried the gluten free bread. Don't even bother. It's horrible. Spelt bread isn't much better. (you are trying to avoid carbs I was having a shot at avoiding gluten) Now I limit myself to two slices of bread a day, no more.
Oh, by the way, that last clip couldn't be viewed in our area. rats.

CarrieBoo said...

105 days! You'll be a toothpick by then. Oh don't... my diet is terrible thanks to hubby. I'm trying to encourage him to cut down on carbs... I couldn't cut them out. Whole wheat and oats are good for you, and your brain needs some carbs.

I got that too, they don't like us Canadians to see certain things. Conspiracy, I tell ya! ;)

P.S. My sense of humour is "shock jock". :-O

Austan said...

The object of the hi-pro, very low carb diet is that by not having sugars in your system (all carbs are sugar) your body goes into ketosis and burns the reserves of fat. It works, but it ain't easy. And it gets old quickly, even for a carnivore like me. When exercise options are so limited (I can't stand alone or go walking, and that pretty much takes out most other things you can do to boost metabolism) drastic measures like this are the only effective way to lose weight. In younger active days I could keep a decent weight by eating once every few days. Strider used to get alarmed that I ate so infrequently. But even then I wasn't "skinny". And I lived on coffee and cigarettes. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're not following the "old diet" you were on. Doesn't sound very healthy to me. It is hard to get exercise. I can get up and walk but in short spurts. Lots of what I call "back breaks". So...keeping weight off is hard for me too. I'm on day 8 of two meals a day, no snacking, cutting back on the carbs a bit and not eating out. That last bit is the hardest part for me...I am no cook.

Austan said...

Oh man, that's got to be as hard as being a cook and not being able to cook! lol! Good luck, Lawless. Anytime you need support or to bitch, you know where I am. Dieting isn't easy. That's why it starts with the word "die". ;)