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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Well Spent

Since the weather was delightful, all scheduled things were rescheduled. No birthday, no Comcast guy (it's been behaving since Friday anyway). Which left me free to tackle things I'd been meaning to. Like the storage room mess.

Going through 3 moves in 6 months makes organization in the moment impossible and there's just no way to be on top of things. When you get the chance, you have to start from squat and go into box by box sorting. I got through 6 boxes this afternoon, emptying 3, throwing stuff away and pulling out things to be used. The rest of the dresser set for LilaPie, the cobalt vase for the bathroom... and I got to see what's where. Where the framed pix for the living room are, where my Charlie Brown collection is, etc. Still haven't come across my tabletop drums, missing kitchen things, Keith Emerson's autobio, etc. But I did find the wind chimes and hung them on the front porch. They were my Mom's- lovely deep tones. I'm only a sixth of the way in to all there is to open and examine, but it's a start.

And hey, it's almost 5 p.m. and not dark yet!

Today's news, should you choose to know:

Wait, didn't we just occupy the place for like 8 years?

The Bastards can multiply:

This may be the "Most Bleeding Obvious" article title:

He can carry a tune!

They have to be told this?!

SC primaries up today:

Damn zombies voters?via=blog_1
(you'll have to copy & paste that one)

I can't pick just one

Setlle in, grab a hot cuppa, have a lovely Winter evening.


Anonymous said...

You made a good start. Hopefully your kitchen stuff will turn up shortly.

Austan said...

I hope so. My knives are getting duller than my diet.