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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to Work

Last night after everything was done- making the pasticcio, cleaning up the mess, tending the Beest- I finally got back to the book.

I'm reevaluating the chapter about attitude that put me in a meltdown when I was at Strider's. Sparked my whole interest and enthusiasm again. It's half done; maybe I just needed time and space, to get back to normal before I could face it. Talking about becoming disabled when you were once very active is heavy. I guess the world just got to be too much with me.

And, Lawless of
sent me a beautiful watercolor set. Nothing I'd ever seen before. Hope I get to try them today! Thanks Lawless!

In any event it's good to be back at work.


Anonymous said...

I can see where that chapter would have been a speed bump on your road to completion. It would be very difficult indeed to relive that experience.
Now....I'm not going to have to feel guilty if you get sidetracked by painting am I?

Austan said...

:D Nah, I'll paint when my eyes can't take the glowing screen anymore. No guilt! I love them! Beautiful colors!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Good for you! Now, if the writing gets too heavy, you can step back and lighten things with a bit of water colors.

Austan said...

Exactly, Susan. Since I type with my left hand and paint with my left I can switch when one gets tired, too. It's purrrfect.

CarrieBoo said...

Oh, no wonder you needed to put it on hold back then. So glad you feel better, enough to face it. You're getting in the zone. Well, how darn nice of Lawless was that! *happy sigh*

Austan said...

Yeah, nothing like preaching about keeping a good attitude when you're hanging by a thread yourself to put you over the edge! Everybody Loves Lawless!! :)