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Monday, January 23, 2012

90 Days to Greg

Still working out details. Strider's getting us a hotel room nearby the concert so we don't have to travel after the excitement; I'm getting us VIP passes for after the show. I'm still fretting over what to wear. What shoes? New shoes? Sandals? Will it still be nasty and cold? If so, is the dress too thin? Is my little black jacket enough? What jewelry? And what to do with my hair? And what bag to carry? Should I get a pro manicure? If I end up in sandals I'll have to get a pedicure too. Should I bring him something? What? This is the series of bibble running through my mind every spare minute. Right down to what indelible pen to buy and who's gonna tattoo me. The tat guy I knew in town is nowhere to be found.

Also, I think this is what's really holding me to the diet. I flat out refuse to be on a walker when I meet him. A cane is bad enough, though it's a snazzy cane. I don't care if I'm in hellapain, I'm going to look marvelous. And we all know that it's more important to look good than to feel good.

So 3 weeks into the diet, I'm wearing a size 6 1/2 ring that I haven't been able to wear since before the opiates came along. It's a damn boring diet, and no birthday dinner so no break yet either, but it's working. I haven't lost energy and in fact I'm feeling stronger. In the morning I'm going to move the bed and shift the boxes in the bedroom closet. A production, but necessary, and it'll give me a good workout. HUD is coming next week; the heat thingies have to be clear, the pull-string alarms have to hang free to the ground, the water heater has to have clearance around it. I won't have a gal friday til Friday this week; the VNA is nuts, as always. And aides don't move furniture, or lamps, or well, anything. Tuesday will be a sitting day anyway, it's supposed to start raining tomorrow. Oh, joy..


Anonymous said...

Show as much skin as possible and that includes your toes so yes to the mani/pedi for sure. Jewellery only if it draws attention to the skin. Hair up if your jawline is still good. Non toxic indelible pen. (that's an oxymoron) Walker stowed in the car for after if you need it due to exhaustion (unless you go home with Greg). I wish we lived closer I'd send the hubby over to move every damn thing you wanted (ANYTHING to get him out of the house, can he sleep over?)
We have the rain this morning by the way.

Austan said...

You're a daring one, Lawless! I'm taking notes. Thank you! Good ideas... This is like a tactical operation! And yeah, I better have the walker for a backup. He does a long show and the meet & greet is afterwards so it's gonna be a late night. I better have my Will done by then. If I go home with Greg I'm bound to die. Though I'll try to stay alive long enough to tell Strider and then blog about it. ;)

I wish we lived closer too, so we could hang out! (I have a futon if you really Have to get him out, or if you want to run away). One of the things I miss about having a guy around is now all the heavy lifting I have to do myself!

It's been sneeting here, that gray Currier & Ives kinda day.

CarrieBoo said...

"sneeting"? That's a new one. Is it related to sneezing? If so, it does look a bit like that outside today.

Crikey, it's hard to be a woman. That'll be why I don't go anywhere. I look like a purple puffalump today.

You be careful!

And Greg, you be careful, too! ;)

Pearl said...

I like Delores' answer. :-)

I'm always very good at helping/moving/showing up with snacks. It's funny how we can come to feel we know people from all over, and yet while a much smaller world than it once was, there's still all that geography...


Austan said...

Carrie- Technically, it's a mix of sleet and snow, but yes, sneezing fits too. The sky is sneezing at us.

A purple puffalump? ha!

I'm being careful. Can't speak for Greg... why is it that since Lawless said that, I can only think of what I wanna do to him and not what I'll say? :D

Pearl! Always love to see you comment. It's a bit strange how we grow close without even meeting these days. But I've "met" great, sweet people via blogging. Hell, I've all but adopted Carrie. It just does stink how far apart we are in the geographical world.

CarrieBoo said...

I thought you said you've met great "sweaty" people there for a moment. :D (Awwwwwwwwwww!)

Austan said...

I love those misreads!