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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mitt Romney, You ....

I posted half of this the other day and got peesy email complaints for rhyming Mitt. But more has come to light so in the retitling to not offend I'm adding the unbelieveable more truth.

Every time I hear anything said by the current conga line of fools running for the Repo nomination I think of my grandmother, Nana. She was called "The Republican Battleaxe" by Brooklyn's papers in her day. She would've grabbed every one of them and bashed their heads together just like she did with hooligans when she was NYC's first woman Police Captain. My Republican family would be ranting. There would be a Family Conference around Nana's big dining table and they'd discuss what to do. I'm fairly certain they'd change parties as a unit. Because these vertebrates are nothing like the Republicans they were. Today's Democrats are closer, but not as socially caring as my relatives were. And these Repos are just psychopaths with marketing consultants.

Take Mitt Romney. Please.

Mitt has a long professional politician history, after growing up rich. While Massachusetts Governor, he was quite lefty, to garner votes. Then he changed and changed and changed again, to suit the mood:

Even Conservatives don't like him:

When he drove 12 hours to Canada with his dog tied to the roof of his car Mitt claims the dog liked it:

Here's an interesting summary of ol' Mitt:

He sucked in 2007:

He sucks now:

Mitt got 3 Pinnochios:

And I was told the media was all "leftwing elite". Imagine my surprise:

More Mittbain:,0,5132594.story
If this is The Best the Repos can do I almost feel sorry for them. I should probably call Greenwood Cemetery and make sure the family're still at rest and haven't spun right up out of their graves.

And don't worry. I'm marinating Obama for his turn on the spit. These days it's about who makes you rage least or who doesn't make you puke.


Anonymous said...

I read that bit about him driving with the dog on the roof of the car...what an eejit.

klahanie said...

What were the Canadians thinking letting that dude in?
They should of grabbed the dog and chucked him back over the border!

paulg said...

Reminds of a friend of a friend who drove off and left her husband at a rest stop in FLA. 4 hours later she gets home and wonders where he is...

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

The view from down here is that the Replublican Party has lost its isoul.