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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sopa, Pipa and the Wednesday Blackout

I'm sure y'all know about Sopa and Pipa. I'm sad to say that one of Vermont's Senators, Pat Leahy, was behind these from the beginning.

President Obama has already said he won't sign it. It has too broad powers for him. I'm relieved to hear that. It's too close to censorship to me also, and in support of the Wednesday Blackout, I won't be posting. There won't be Wiki or Reddit to source tomorrow; so anything you want from them, do it tonight or wait til Thursday.

In solidarity, and see you Thursday,


klahanie said...

Yes, we are very aware of this. I'm with you on this and see you on Thursday.
In solidarity, from lil' ol England....

Lisa said...

They're frightening! Speaking of the Prez.... Please tell me you saw the Betty White birthday bash!?? He was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Austan said...

Gary- Solidarity, brother. This is simply unacceptable.

Lisa- We're in scary times. I don't blog about the truly wet-your-pants-things I read about.

I'll go look before the web starts blackout!

Austan said...

Lisa! Just watched it
Ya gotta admit, he's funny!

Anonymous said...

Extremely will be lights out here from around midnight tonight until around noon on thursday. I wonder, COULD we live without the internet? I'd like to think I can.

Austan said...

It'll be really weird. I may hide for the day. I will Not watch tv news. Just catch up on Thursday... It's an experience to blog about, that's fer sure.