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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Glad That's Overwith!

Oh so much better today. And I didn't even break the diet. Mostly because the idea of eating anything put me off. Sleep is a magic cure. Should've known something was coming when I couldn't sleep. It's stupifying that I know all these signs of things and still don't recognize them when they're happening, only after the result lands. Then it's "Oh, of course!" How old do you have to be before that catches up? Does it ever? Is it some kinda body defense, like not recalling terrible pain?

It's 98 days to Greg's concert! And halfway through January! Wasn't it just Christmas about a week ago?

I've been neglecting the news, so here are some choice cuts:

But we're not, Blanche, we're not

I guess they can go around saying they poop gold after this. But I bet it still stinks:

Tell me a story!

This is just awful:

The Pope ousts Occupiers

Blackout Wednesday is gathering steam

Stephen Colbert's not running, but an ad is that's causing an uproar:

Feed your head:
Okay, I'm going back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better. That cruise ship disaster is just awful. Can you imagine the panic?

Austan said...

Lawless- Especially since it was so needless! If you survive these absolutely horrifying things, how do you go on unhaunted?

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes I think it is good to not feel your best, because then you would never know how good it feels to be better.

Austan said...

True, Arleen. We'd never know how good is the good unless we know the bad.