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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking Care of Business

Right. Today is full already. I have many things to do and people to talk to. Let's jump right into the news:

Roulette is more dependable than investment banking:

Occupiers take it to Dem HQ

The LA arsonist may have been found

Coke is still corrupt

Don't sugarcoat the plight of fat kids

The beatings continue

Aretha's getting married again

That's enough of a morning's info...see you later.


Anonymous said...

There's not much that's sadder than a fat little kid. Good for them for tackling the issue.
would you believe your confirmation word is buticks...good grief

CarrieBoo said...

Makes me glad I have no savings... hmmm. Some scary articles there.
And my confirmation word is "acking". ;)

Austan said...

It's terrible to see a fat kid; they're tormented and unhappy. And there's no good reason for it. I think it should be considered neglect.
"buticks" lol

Made me glad I cashed in years ago, Boo.
"acking"- the Beest hasn't done that today...yet.