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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Homo Erectus, not so Erect. Yet.

This is pissing me off. There's so much to do, I have the whole system figured out of what goes where and how to get it there and I can barely tolerate sitting up. Ya know that marionette feeling? Like your back is in pieces and the whole top of your body could just fall over? Yeah, that's it.

Meanwhile, Gal Friday was diagnosed with a concussion and I'm really glad I didn't let her do much yesterday. Just don't screw around with concussions. I've had them. Who knows what this means in getting an aide this coming week. And the doc she saw had no interest in why she fainted or has been having dizzy spells. They didn't even take blood to see if she's anaemic, pregnant or has low sugar or electrolytes. Typical US treatment. Our medical system sucks. It wasn't always like this.

I did look at the news yesterday, but it was one horrific thing on top of another (one story started me heaving) so I'm leaving the news alone for a couple days. Maybe tomorrow. Here are the usual sources, in case you want to check out what's up:


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're still in trouble with your back. Canada isn't that much better with the health care. Years back when I started getting nosebleeds I went to the doctor hoping to get my nose cauterized. He didn't even take my blood pressure to see if that was what caused the nose bleeds. AND he refused to cauterize. Idiot.

SarcasticTestGuy said...

Recovery always seems to take longer than it should. The dizzy and fainting are common symptoms of concussion (I suppose that it depends upon what particular part of the brain is bruised).

Time...time...time. Be well.

CarrieBoo said...

I was thinking marionette strings would be sort of helpful the other day, but now, not so much. Aw, poor you and your poor aide. :( Hang in there (non-marionette style) luvvie. Bloomin' health care. XX

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh my, these sure are not good days for you or your aide. I hope you are both feeling better by Monday.

Give yourself a break and stay away from bad news for a few days also. The tension that can give you can add to your back problems.