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Monday, January 2, 2012

Is It 2012 Yet?

It is? Seems just like 2011. Except for dragging my ass, a big mess in my house, the pile of things in the sink and the cleaning out of carbohydrates from my abode. All signs that Something Has Happened.

My friend Kathleen brought her spare keyboard to me, so that minor miracle made life a bit easier. This was a lost weekend otherwise. People in and out, much drinking and eating, too much fun and no fun insurance. I can't bear listening to anything or even talking. I'm so tired I don't care about the used paper plates in my bookcases. I'll get to them tomorrow. Red wine kills, don't let them tell you different!

The Beest has been sleeping all day. She was everybody's darling yesterday. Though only about half the people I expected showed up; this was one holiday season that went on for a long time. I'm relieved that I can hunker down in my Hobbit house and won't be entertaining for a few months. It's exhausting! My brain hurts! My everything hurts!

Back to normal tomorrow. Happy new beginnings, everyone... ah, my bed awaits. 


Anonymous said...

A good start to the new year, friends food and fun. Even the kitteh had a happy new year. So glad to see you back on the keyboard. Sleep well!!

Geo. said...

"Chip the glasses and crack the plates!...That's what Bilbo baggins hates-" --Tolkien

paulg said...

I got a chance to write "2012" on a check and screwed it up I think.

Austan said...

Lawless- There's still a smile on my face. It was weird to not blog!! Thanks for all your rooting for me. ;)

Geo.- LMAO!!

Paul- Writing the first check of the year I had a brain fart & it was a squiggle. It takes a while to settle in...

CarrieBoo said...

Red wine and alka seltzers? Livin' it large! Hope you had a good rest. :)